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It’s funny how food can have so many different dynamics in our life. It’s not only used to sustain us but it’s a comforter, a celebration, a way of expression & creativity, a romantic jester, it’s good for us, it’s bad for us, and so on and so forth…. I created this blog to inspire myself and others to enjoy food in a way that allows us to enjoy guilty pleasures but maintain awareness of our health and wellbeing.

Bon Appetit


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Keto Snacks

So I was in Sam's Club today and noticed some new Keto snacks. I'm still debating if keto is a good diet for me because I am diabetic so...

Empty Calories

In human nutrition, the term empty calories applies to foods and beverages composed primarily or solely of sugar, certain fats and oils,...


It's amazing how food and emotions run side by side. When were happy we eat, when were sad we eat, when we're celebrating we eat, etc....

Sunday Morning

Good morning. I'm feeling blessed and highly favored this morning. I've said my prayers and talked to God, I've made me a delicious...

Kitchen Gadgets

Good morning or afternoon depending on when you got out of I am at Cracker Barrel and look what I found. Isnt that neat? I'm a...

Crab Cakes This a short video of what can be done with Lion's mane mushrooms....Crab cakes. Now their just showing you how to...


Hello every one. My name is Kim Sims and I just up and decided to do a blog about food. I make it seem like it was random but it wasn’t....

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