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Hello every one. My name is Kim Sims and I just up and decided to do a blog about food. I make it seem like it was random but it wasn’t. I happen to love to eat and cook food. I’m not a chef but I do have a God-given talent for cooking. It’s in my spirit and one of the gifts God gave me. So, some of the things I’d like to do with this blog is share healthy or not so healthy recipes, restaurants, diets, ways to entertain and maybe even work my way up to “how to videos.”

Your probably wondering about the name. Well, I’m not vegan (Herbivore) but I do believe we should eat more plant-based food than we eat meat which makes me a Ominivore (which what I assume most humans are) so what I would be calling a Carnivore for the content of this blog would be people who eat mostly meat and very little vegetables. If they eat vegetables at all. I intend to carter to all.

I’m new to blogging but I’m hoping to grow and provide really good content to my followers. Hope you enjoy!

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