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Who Knew? Flexitarian

Who knew it was even a word let alone a diet? If you've been keeping up with my blogs and this page you know that I believe that all types of foods, diets, and appetites should be enjoyed. As long as you eat responsibly, you should be able to eat what you want. For me personally I say "I'm a vegan enthusiast but I like meat," but I do believe you should consume more fruits and vegetables than meat. Low and behold I'm scrolling through one of my favorite apps, Pinterest, and I click on this recipe and this word Flexitarian pops up. Tada!...that's the diet plan I've been looking for. A plan that allows me to eat meat in moderation but still enjoy it without feeling guilty (which I really don' I'm on the right track. I've given up some diary. Really only milk, but I do buy a lot more plant based cream cheese and coffee creamers. I even found plant based heavy whipping cream.

Flexitarian is a cross between full vegan and vegetarian with the ability to enjoy animal products every so often. The Flexitarian diet takes you in stages to eating less meat. So, no cold turkey (no pun intended) or jumping into the deep end right off rip. When first starting the diet, it's recommended to only eat meat five days a week. Keeping meat consumption at 28 ounces for those five days during stage 1. Stage 2 you should focus more on eating fruits and vegetables. Following a full vegetarian diet while only consuming about 18 ounces of meat during that week. The final stage, stage 3 you should only be consuming about 9 ounces of meat two days a week, while focusing on fruits and vegetables for the other five days. When it comes to your proteins the goal is to get most of it from plants. The meat you eat should be lean with less animal fat and your fish should be wild-caught options.

I've listed the website below for you to read up on it. As you know this is a no judgement zone. Eat what you like but be responsible with your health.

Bon Appetite'

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