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What diet plan should you choose?

It’s already August and many of us still have not met our summer weight goals. If your like me you haven’t really chosen a weight loss plan. There are so many different diets out there that focus on different things such as carbs, calories, and fat intake. Also, is the diet your looking for long-term or short-term? Do you just need to lose a couple of pounds or more? Are you looking to shed pounds in a couple of days, weeks or months?

My 1st piece of advice is talk to your doctor! Depending on your own personal health issues your doctor should be your advisor on what route you should take. After that your decision should be based on personal preference. Read up on all the different diets such as, keto, paleo, and Atkins. These are long-term options and design for lifestyle changes. If your looking to shed a couple pounds quickly for an up and coming event or just those last stubborn pounds diets like the cabbage soup or military diet are viable options.

Exercise is always encouraged to help with weight loss and longevity of life. Exercise helps to maintain blood sugar, cholesterol, heart disease, anxiety, blood pressure, and weight loss. Weight lifting helps with bone health, muscle mass and burning calories. How extreme or low intense you workout should be, will be based on your activity level. Your doctor or a physical instructor can help with that. My personal suggestion is walking. Walking for those, were walking is not already a challenge is the best form of exercise in my opinion. Walking can be high or low impact depending on your speed. Walking also helps to build muscles in your legs which is the biggest muscle group on your body. That is your calfs, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It helps to build up your respiratory system increasing lung capacity. Intensity can be increased by speed, incline or declines such as hills/slopes and/or adding weights such as dumbbells or ankle weights. A traditional walk won’t target abs but if you add in upper body exercises while walking you can engage your core muscles. It can also be easily turned into a group exercise with family and friends making it fun for everone.

My my next couple of blogs will go more into depth about the difference of longer term or lifestyle change diets and what they intel. I have listed the Cabbage Soup diet and the Military diet below. I have tried these as short term options to lose anywhere from 5-10 lbs quickly. Ive included a link for exercises to incorporate while walking to engage core muscles.. Remember “When you know better, You do better!”

Bon Appetit’

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