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Versatility Meals

I love to entertain and throw family cookouts, romantic dinners and girlfriend gatherings. I also love to try to keep it simple because as the host and the cook it can become over whelming and time consuming. If your anything like me you don't stick to the menu. You add on a hundred items and your at your own party not dressed and looking frazzled. So I found that things like casseroles and boils come in handy.

I love seafood boils. It's easy because it's a one pot meal. It has all your vegetable and meat altogether and doesn't require a whole lot of prep work or time. Plus, you can have very different table settings and ambiences. Let's say it's a family cookout. You can get a long picnic table. Cover it with a table cloth or newspaper and just pour the boil on the table and every one sit around the table and eat. This method drives my mother crazy because she is She says, "that is so unsanitary." (After the pandemic I agree). So, a big platter and paper plates would work well too. For smaller gatherings you can do your boils in aluminum foil packets. The packets can be done outside on the grill or in the oven. It's an easy romantic dinner with your Boo. Light candles or lanterns around the backyard or dining area to set the mood or use as a danity little packets full of awesome goodness with your girls and a glass of wine.

Seafood boils can also be as expensive or inexpensive as you need it to fit your budget. Here's a recipe listed below and you can add or take out whatever you like. Don't forget your melted butter.

Bon Appetit!

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