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Veggie Sandwich (Vlog)

I made it back from an awesome trip to Vegas. Got to help a friend and a member of our traveling sisterhood of First Ladies of Flint bring in her 50th birthday. Boi...was it a great time. Two years ago our group got together and partied in Vegas. Most of us in the group all graduated from a High School in Flint called Northwestern (You shoulda been a Wildcat!) in 1987. So we all turned 50 in 2019. I must say Angie brought hers in like a real Diva. We got picked up from the airport in a limo and she had a yacht party with family, friends, and her wonderful co-workers. All I can say is that the doctors and nurses at Sunrise Medical Hospital know how to have a good time. A extra addes bonus was me getting to see my really good friend Kevin. Another Flintstone in Vegas.

While I was in Vegas I ate a lot of things I shouldn't have. So to give my stomach a break I made a really good veggie sandwich. You can use any variations that you like to make a really good sandwich that not only taste good but will get you digestive system moving.

Try it and let me know what you think. Click link below to watch video.

Bon Appetit

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1 Comment

Tameka VanBuren
Tameka VanBuren
Aug 01, 2021

Looks delicious 😋

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