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Tired of Turkey? Try Stay at Home Chinese

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

One of my favorite cuisines is Chinese or a variety of Asian cooking. Today I was sitting there thinking I need to cook. My son has gotten to familiar with Door Dash and Uber Eats. While, I've become well acquainted with various drive-thru's. Granted it's just a couple of days after Thanksgiving. So, we're mostly tired of traditional and heavy foods. Today I wanted some good ole shrimp fried rice. My favorite Chinese restaurant is a cross town and I didn't feel like driving. That meant I needed to pull out my wok.

One of the things I love most about Asian cooking is it doesn't cook everything to "death." Their style of cooking allows for the vegetables to still be crisp. The vegetables are still vibrant, have life, and the nutrients arent cooked out.

My first memory of Chinese food is going to a restaurant in downtown Flint named Kenjo's. When I was like five or six years old. It was next to a fire station and it was just cool to go downtown. Shrimp fried rice was mostly what my mom would order but she would switch up sometimes and order Egg Foo Young. Surprisingly, I loved Egg Foo Young. I still didn't realize it until some years ago that it's really just an omelet. Maybe it's the gravy that comes with it that threw me off. Needless to say I've broaden my palate since then and I eat a variety Chinese, Cantonese, and Japanese dishes.

Here is the recipe I used to make my Shrimp Fried Rice. As you know I like to cook dishes that have versatility to accommodate to all palates. Feel free to use tufo or chicken or beef instead of shrimp. You also can make it with all vegetables. I also made a cabbage stir fry. Please try and enjoy. I would love for you to cook and send me a comment letting me know what ingredients you used and what you thought of it. Until next time

Bon Appetit '

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