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Updated: May 29, 2021

Today I had an urge for a nice juicy steak. I try not to eat a lot of beef because it takes the body longer to process or the correct term, digest. Since red meat is dense and full of proteins and fats it takes the body up to 3 days to digest unlike fruits and vegetables that are fiber rich foods that may only take up to a day to digest. Beef is still an excellent source of protein and iron intake. Lean cuts of beef such as tenderloin aka filet mignon and sirloin are best for you. Some other foods that are high in protein is brussel sprouts, lentils, chicken (lean), fish, turkey (lean), milk, greek yogurt, pork (lean), and almonds.

So, back to my steak. I went to Red Lobster today and had the Surf & Turf. My compliments to the chef. He got it just right. I told the waitress to tell him, "make it look just like the picture on the menu." It was med-well, pink through out, juicy, tender and just what I had been craving for. I'm a seafood lover but I actually enjoyed the steak more than I did the lobster and bacon wrapped scallops. Delish!

So remember every thing can be eaten within moderation and if not this is a no judgement zone, so do you! Bon Appetit

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