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PB F'sh and Grits

No, not Peanut Butter fish and but Plant-Based Fish and Grits. So, I've got time this morning to actually fix me breakfast before work today. It's my late day and I'm hungry. I've got this Keto Grain Free Blueberry Cereal but I'm not feeling like cereal or the keto cereal. It's not nasty but it's just doesn't taste good if that make sense. Now, I'm searching inside the cabinets and frig trying to figure out what I want. I see grits, hmmm. Then, I'm thinking fish and grits. I've got a little extra time this morning but not enough to be thawing fish out to cook. It hits me I've got Gardein F'sh Fillets in the fridge. My wheels are spinning. Could I? Hell yeah, I'm Kim Sims and I can do anything (that's me talking to myself). Sometimes you just have to believe you can do it. But, I just can't have this f'sh (this not a typo) fillets sitting on top of the grits. That's boring. My neighbor just gave me fresh cherry tomatoes out of her garden. I've just come up with a delicious Fish and Grits breakfast for champions.

I get my f'sh fillets out and they are battered. Kinda just like Gordon Fish Fillets or Fish Sticks. I just sprayed my Emeril's Air fryer to clean out and I'm to lazy to go get my portable one out of the overflow room. So, I preheated the oven to 450 degrees as instructed on the package and sprayed some oil in a cast iron skillet and a little on top of 2 of the fillets. Stuck them in the oven while I sliced my cherry tomatoes in half and cut up my onions. I have the quick grits so I put them in a microwaveable safe bowl. I did heat half water and half almond milk in the bowl first for about 2-3 minutes to get the water hot before adding grits. Helps with grits spilling over will cooking. The almond milk will help make grits creamy. could just add water first and any kind of milk you like after grits are done for the creaminess. I grab another skillet added butter and olive oil. Heated on medium heat. I then added my garlic and onions and sauteed for about 2-3 minutes before adding my tomatoes. Once I added the tomatoes I seasoned them and vegetable stock to make a broth. After cooking grits on 1 minute several times to keep them from over flowing I took them when they where done and added butter salt and pepper. I wish I had some plant based cheese but I didn't. After about 8 minutes I flipped the f'sh fillets over and let cook about another 7 minutes.

To plate I added the grits to a regular bowl, placed my f'sh fillets on top, and then poured my tomatoes in and it's broth over everything. Sprinkled my vegetarian bacon bits over the top. All I was missing was some scallions or chives to sprinkle as well. Of course you can use real fish fillets. I'm a big fan of Swai but you could use Catfish fillets, Mahi mahi, Flounder or pretty much any fish you like. Sauté, blackened, broiled or even pan fried. You could even do Shrimp and turn it into Shrimp & Grits. Be as versatile as you like especially with the vegetables. I'll list my seasonings below.

Bon Appetit'

Seasonings- Salt, Pepper, Lawry's Seasoning Salt, Garlic & Herb, Red Pepper Flakes, Onion

Powder, and Cajun Seasonings.

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