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Mother's Day Brunch

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Mother's Day!

I decided to take my mom to breakfast with all of her grandkids today because I figured the hustle and bustle of going tomorrow on the actual day of Mother's Day would be to much. Long lines, long waiting periods, waiting forever to get your food, etc... So, I figured going today would eliminate half of these battles. Because we still have a lot of the Covid 19 restrictions in place, we still had to wait forever to get in due to the resturant only being able to seat evey other table, plus it was six of us. This gave me an idea that a simple Mother's Day brunch would have been a great idea. Something quick and fast because, I'm a mother too and I don't want to be slaving in the kitchen allday either. If your wanting to avoid all the wait times, long lines and over crowded resturants try these easy ideas for a brunch. Pick and choose items from the list below or make one of your own.

Brunch Ideas-

Assortment of Fresh Fruit

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Well miss kim i'm excited and can't wait to see some of fabulous food and hear about ways to keep my sex life awaken without it going sleep cause of not getting any this is and adult blog right. 😂we are going to have some sexual conversation and cook some good and health food right can't wait.

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