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Happy Father's Day

Today is a very special day for men who are fathers. It's your day to get recognized for all the things you do automatically, quietly, and effortlessly. You bring a strong and demanding presents into a child's life. You are a protector and a provider. I remember I thought my daddy was a super hero. He showed up and everyone respected him. He is definitely a man's man and a ladies man too, but that's a story for another

Ladies, we need to do something special for our men that are fathers. A brunch would be great but most men are meat and potatoes type of guys. We're still celebrating 🍾 Junteenth weekend as well, so grilling is in order. If you know how to grill give him a break but if not we all know most men think they are grill masters so they'll willing grill if you make the sides.

Here's a couple of recipes and decorating ideas that are sure to show dad we appreciate him.

Bon Appetit!

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