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Food and sex

Today I had to do some reading on female sexual health. Yes, it's a thing, who knew? Sexual health is all about sexual issues such as sexual orientation, expression, relationships, frequency, and pleasure. How you communicate these issues to your partner and how it affects your love life. Based on all these factors if your sex life is lacking you may need to see your OB/GYN to prescribe a prescription or even give techniques that might be helpful.

So, how does this relate to food Kim? Glad you asked. We've all heard that certain foods can cause arousal or give off more libidos to make us horny. We all may know about the popular foods and drinks such as, oysters, chocolate, spicy foods, and of course red wine but ginger and beets? Yes, that's right. These foods increase blood flow, which are not only good for "down there" but for your mind too. Pineapples have been said to change the taste of the vagina. Supposedly, makes it sweeter.

Whether you believe that foods can increase your sexual appetite or not more of these items in your diet can't hurt. Heres a few recipes for your next romantic dinner and a great sex life. Bon appetit!

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