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Celebrating my Dad

Hello everyone,

I've been a little quiet here lately because my biological father passed away a week ago. I always said I had my mom and 2 dads. Now, one of my dad's is gone. Me and my dad weren't very close but we did love each other. I think we both tried but our seperate lives made it difficult to merge for some reason. His obligations and respect of our different family situations and my undying love for my daddy (step) didn't provide the cohension we needed to get to where I think we both wanted to be but we loved each other dearly.

This post is not to be sad but to celebrate his life. He was a amazing man that was highly educated, had the spirit of an entrepreneur, a great debator, and the soul of a giver of knowledge. He was a man's, man. His trade as a barber allowed him to debate with many but also educate the masses. A family man is hard to find now a days but he definitely was one. He had two wives, seven sons, two daughters, seventeen grandchildren, seventeen great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. His legacy will live on in all of us.

My plea to all that still are blessed to have your parents in your life- "Fix whatever is broken and if nothing is broken stay glued."- Kimberly Sims. The bible says, "Honor they mother and father" but don't forget to love them and let them know you love them.

Here on Herbi-Omini-Carni-Vores I always say that food is in every aspects of our lives. So, one of the things I remember most is that my dad loved my Red Beans and Rice. Whenever I had a family get together and my dad found out I made red beans and rice his eyes would light up. I think it may have been a favorite dish of his that I made. Being a cook that made my day. Here is the recipe for a good red beans and rice. Now my dad didn't eat pork so I substituted everything pork with turkey wings, turkey sausage, and olive oil. I also buy Zatarian's Red Beans and Rice and put it in a mesh strainer and shake the seasonings into the mixture while its' cooking. Now you can choose to add the whole contents of the box but I didn't want the rice and beans. I just wanted the extra seasonings to give it the taste I desired.

RIH dad! and Bon Appetite'

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although not close still had a bond with your Dad! Impressionable and Love it!!!! I can’t wait to try this red beans and rice recipe also, one of my favorites!

Mi piace
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