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Butterfly Pea Tea

Good day everyone, I finally got to have a relaxing morning. I fixed me a nice cup of hot tea and just sat and talked to God. I found this tea that is blue. It’s called Butterfly Pea tea. It’s made from Asian blue pea flowers aka pigeonswings and its famous in Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, and other countries throughout Asia. It’s used for cooking, natural food coloring, herbal drinks, and medicines. I read that it helps with hair growth because it stimulates blood flow in the scalp. So, here is the food geek coming out. I had to try it because not only is it a pretty blue color but when acidity such as lemons is added it turns a beautiful purple color.

Tea had me reminiscing about mi amigo’s mom, mom (Bernice) because purple was her favorite color and she had a colorful personality. She was a whipper snapper! If you’ve ever heard that saying before you know she wasn’t nothing to play The only person I've ever been scared to play cards against. Even though me and her daughter were friends first, she became a good friend to my mom. Then I began to think of all my other friend's moms who have joined God and are in heaven watching over us. I’m blessed to still have my mom but these ladies showed me love as if I was one of their own. When I was in North Carolina mom (Rose) treated me like a daughter and she has 3 beautiful ones herself but she made me feel like I was hers too. Two of my friends here in Flint, Michigan mom’s both have the same name as my mom. ”Delores” and “Lois.” These women practically raised me. Mom (Delores) always had me scared she was going to ask me something about the bible. Her daughter’s were known as the ”church girls.” I grew up in the church but I just sang in the choir. I couldn't tell you nothing about the Bible. I was like, she’s going to think I’m a heathen but she always showed me so much love. I remember when I was trying to impress a boyfriend back in the day. I didn’t eat banana pudding at the time so I couldn’t even tell you how it tasted. My then boyfriend wanted me to make him some. I remember calling mom (Lois) and begging her to tell me how to make it cause she was a awesome cook. Well, she told me and I did it. Needless to say, it was my first time and he told his mom ”I did okay, but I used instant pudding.” I did not by the way, but mom told me what I did wrong... Lol

Often, times we are in such a rush. Work, meetings, appointments, etc. that we don’t take out time to enjoy life and good memories. Memories that remind us that no matter what’s going on in our day-to-day lives someone we love is watching over us and if we just take a few minutes out of our busy day we can spend time with them. So whether you drink black, green, or blue tea, a hot cup of joe, or a glass of wine because it’s 5:00 somewhere and your grown....relax and let love in.

Bon Appetit!

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